Friday, March 26, 2010

Beauty in baking

Since this is my first food post here, I will explain.
I am a foodie.
There is not doubt about it.
I have succumb to the fact that I can never be skinny or thin.
I can only make wise choices because I refuse to give up food. I love food!
I have always loved food.
I wanted to culinary school but short story is my parents though t it was a bad choice so I couldn't.
I went to a top business school, graduated with a high GPA, but never worked a day after college in the field I was trained.
Everything I have since then has been self-taught.
That includes my baking!
I love to bake. It is an art. It is a thing of beauty!

Now for this post in particular. I got easily talked into baking for 2 local radio personalities for today.
I then I had to come up with something good and I didn't want to do a kind of cupcake I have done before.
I rattled my brain and decided on the 2 below.
Caramel Apple.
Yummy buy lacking. the cake is wonderful, as is the topping and filling but I think I'd add caramel to the cream cheese mix next time. As for the cake, add less spice and some caramel to carry the flavor completely through.

The 3 Deadly C's
Totally Yummy!
I am not a chocolate fan, so I think I could use half the chocolate but it's probably fine for most people.
So only change might be less chocolate and I think I'd spike the center caramel with coconut as well.

I hope Alli Morgan & Robin Fox like the cupcakes!

Update: Tom called me to tell me I should put on the radio. I loaded it up online. 30 seconds later, there was Alli Morgan saying how she just had Tom bring her some yummy looking cupcakes and how she was thankful to me! :) She totally made my day and  made all my failed attempts last night (don't even ask) totally worthwhile! Seriously, a little bit of praise goes a long way for me!

Caramel Apple Cupcake

Caramel Apple Cupcake with Nuts

Caramel Apple Cupcake Cross-Section
(That's Apple-Chunk Spice Cake with a Cream Cheese Butterceam filling, topped with Caramel and in this one chopped pecans)

The 3 Deadly Cs Cupcake

The 3 Deadly Cs Cupcake Cross-Section
(That's a Brown Butter cake filled with a gooey caramel topped with a layer of bittersweet chocolate ganache, a coconut cream chew layer, dipped in more toasted coconut, and lined with more ganache)


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